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There comes a point in every business when one has to make the ultimate decision- to grow or not to grow. I have been struggling with this decision for the past few months now. On one hand, I love working one on one with clients and really getting to know each person and their brand. It’s fulfilling to know that what I create really makes a difference to them. On the other hand.. I’m exhausted! Trying to do everything myself is finally catching up to me and I can tell it’s time for a change. Ideas have been swirling around in my head about how to go about ‘gracefully’ growing my small business and I am more than excited to put these ideas into motion. I hope to dedicate this summer to really strategizing what is working and what is not working and make necessary changes from there. Everything is in such beginning phases now which is why I am being so broad but I hope to expand upon this topic to share what I have learned along my journey.

Photo Source: How amazing is this photograph by Rachel Marie Photography- I found the image through pinterest and browsed through her other photos which are all wonderful!

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Loving these amazing illustrations for Gucci’s summer collection from the French illustrator: Malika Favre (who has a pretty awesome website as well!) Definitely makes me want to do some summer traveling – maybe to europe? day dreaming is fun- now back to reality :)

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No matter how stressful work is or how crazy life gets, there’s something about the summer time that keeps me relaxed and at ease. I guess I get into one of those Bob Marley, ‘don’t worry be happy’ kind of modes where there’s not really much that can get to me. Loving it!

These are some pics from my wonderfully relaxing long weekend

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I’m very excited for the long weekend! I’m finding it hard to put my current state of mind / mood into words so I’ve decided to describe it through images instead. I’ve always been more of a visual person anyways so putting thoughts into visuals instead of words usually makes more sense to me. But anyways, this is my current ‘mood board’ for the upcoming weekend. All I can say is – I am looking forward to it! Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone!


image source: a mix of wonderful images I found without a source!

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Some more pictures of our amazing trip to Atlanta. I will miss the atmosphere and easy breezy lifestyle but I will not miss the humidity! It seems I have become spoiled with the Cali weather! We spent Sunday afternoon wondering aimlessly in the city (one of my favorite things to do!) and discovered this ridiculously cool street fair – it embodied every idea I had of  what ‘Atlanta’ should be. From home-made popsicles to bean-bag tosses.  It’s so nice to go exploring!

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While I’m still feeling a bit jet-legged today, our trip this weekend to Georgia for our good friends wedding was well worth the travel! It was such a charming southern wedding set in the suburbs of Atlanta – a beautiful weekend filled with friends, family, love and laughter- just what I needed! More pictures of my Atlanta trip to come! Stay tuned…

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I’m so excited to announce that the new Alchemie Spa has finally opened! I have been working with the talented owner of the Santa Monica Spa, Mary, for the past several months designing the spas logo, signs, menu, website, etc.  She has a great sense of style so it was inspiring and fun to work with her on this project and I think everything turned out great! If you are in the Santa Monica area, you should definitely stop by and get pampered!

You can visit the website and get more information at

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This Mother’s Day I decided to try something new. I always like to make something special for my mom because she is such an important person in my life and she always appreciates the little things I make for her. After thinking for days about what I should make this year, I came across a yummy recipe on the wonderful passionate about baking blog for a fresh Strawberry Vanilla-Bean Jam. One of my mom’s favorite flavors is vanilla and I remembered seeing bundles of strawberries for sale at the market so they must be in season.. so I decided to give it a try. After gathering all the ingredients and jars I set to work. Turns out making jam is a lot easier than I thought! I made it without any ‘jelling’ mixture so I had to let it sit over night two different days and do a lot of ‘simmering’ on the stove but I gotta say that it really turned out delicious (and my mom loved it too!)

You can get the recipe here

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This past month has been a complete blur. As soon as I think things are calming down the whirlwind starts up again and I find my head spinning with so much work and so little time! I came across these fun vintage ads today while doing some project research and despite my frantic state, they still made me chuckle. You gotta admire the honesty in these old ads – nowadays, everything is so sugar coated no ones knows what is reality! Hoping to get back to a normal state soon so I can stop neglecting my poor blog :)



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Today I felt like I could see the negative spaces around me- almost as if the spaces were the object and everything around it was just giving it shape. It’s interesting how you can see things so differently from one moment to the next.

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Today was one of those days that you look up at the clock thinking its going to say 10am but it really says 2pm instead.. time  flies when you have 100 different things to do at once. Staring at the computer screen, mind moving at 100 miles an hour, no time for a lunch break let a lone a walk to get some fresh air.. ooh mondays, why can’t you be more like fridays! I did however make time to run over to the Broome Street General store down the road to pick up some special ingredients for a (secret) gift I am making (stay tuned) and I was instantly transported into another world. Everyone was calmly perusing the unique products, smiling and even laughing (imagine that on a monday!) Once again, it put things into perspective and allowed me to slow my mind down, at least for a few minutes. Such an inspiring store filled with such simple objects such as hand made tea towels and multiple flavors of sea salts. If your in the echo park / silverlake area, this is a great place to grab a coffee and get lost in the wonderful selection of odd objects and products.

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Putting together my spring wishlist… filled with light, comfort and practicality

1 – Free People // 2 – Featured on Joss & Main // 3 – Fiel //  4 – Ayrika Fouta // 5 – stella & jamie

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This little Echo Park neighborhood never ceases to amaze me. One of my new favorite local spots is the somewhat recently opened Cookbook market. I’ve only stopped in a few times but each experience seems to be even better than the last. Although they have a very small store, their selection seems great with local produce, cheeses and delicious fresh prepared foods. I tried the prosciutto and butter baguette for lunch and I could have sworn I was back in Paris! So happy this place is right around the corner!


Photo Source: 3 & 4

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I was so excited to see that Shannon Reed Home Candles were featured on today! I worked with Shannon over a year ago designing the logo and packaging for her new start-up candle company and its so great to see that her business has flourished and she is now featured on popular sites such as this. The candles will be on sale for the next two days so make sure to stop by and pick some up while they are still available!

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Today was one of those gray, gloomy chilly days- the kind that just makes you want to cuddle up in front of a warm fire and completely relax. With so much busy work today I felt my mind moving at a million miles an hour – not exactly relaxing. At least I can be thankful for the night, knowing I can escape from work for a few hours, with chicken noodle soup on the stove and a nice bottle of napa wine – it’s always important to give yourself a much deserved break!


source: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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My favorite aspect of our house is that it was built in 1926 and the previous owners lived here since 1940! Which means that most everything in the house was original when we moved in. This was a good and bad thing. We had to do a lot of updating (think of kitchens built and designed in 1926- not as practical today!) but the good part was that the house was filled with so much authentic character. From the hardware to the doors & windows to the light fixtures… everything seemed to add a certain charm to the house that just cant be bought. It’s these simple touches that make the house feel so warm and comfortable to me.

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You know those moments when the light is hitting an object so perfectly it makes something so ordinary, like a tree, look like a piece of art? I treated myself to a quiet break last night- sitting outside with a glass of wine watching the birds dance and the sun set- in awe of the beautiful light.

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I blog a lot about my pup Frankie but I don’t think Ive formally introduced him yet. This is Frankie, my 2 and a half year old crazy frenchie with enough personalities for 10! I’m writing about him now because today on our morning walk to the coffee shop, a man sitting at the table next to us commented that I was being an ‘over-protective’ mom.. Yikes! Granted, he was a bit of a loud mouth, but I really never thought of myself as the over-protective type.. especially with a dog! But I had to admit, maybe he was on to something. When I got back home I started to notice all the little french bulldog nick knacks around my house.. uh oh, am I turning into one of those people? I swear, they were all gifts! :)

My point to all of this is that while I think its great to embrace who you are, its also important to keep an open mind and be ok with introducing change into your life. Sometimes if we get too stuck in our own ways we can become a bit blinded from reality. So, thank you man at the coffee shop for sharing a slice of reality with me this morning!

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Another sunny day, and a much needed walk with Frank. After a long day of intense projects, a 15 minute walk through my favorite neighborhood really did the trick.

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As the warm weather approaches and its starting to feel more and more like summer, I’ve been thinking of ways to brighten up my work space. And what better way than implementing an inspiration board – visually stimulating as well as inspiring & motivating. Now that Ive decided to create an inspiration board, I  just have to decide how to approach it.. with so many creative examples, there’s some really cool ideas out there. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

images from Pinterest (apologies as I was not able to find their original source)

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Recently Ive noticed that fresh flowers have become part of my Saturday morning routine. Although they are a small touch, it’s such a nice and easy way to transition into weekend mode and a reminder to keep enjoying the small pleasures. Happy weekend!

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Just completed a logo design for DOJÉ – a new online women’s shoe boutique (coming soon!) A Parisian theme was the inspiration for this logo and the owners were such a pleasure to work with!

photo credit // TheCherryBlossomGirl

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I couldn’t help posting this amazing print from Wasted Rita. It’s funny because its true :) …Another great example of creative simplicity.

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I received such a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from my little sis. A belated birthday box filled with amazing French finds from her recent travels! These will add such character to my new little home. My favorite of the gifts is this vintage french cookbook which she actually filled in with some of our favorite family recipes. Très spécial!

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Wishing everyone a happy and healthy easter! To family, friends, and great food! Have a wonderful and sunny day


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Ever have those days that you just want to quietly slip away and escape without telling anyone? That’s today for me! Oh what I wouldn’t give to be in Paris sitting outside at a café by myself reading leisurely. It’s easy to say that you wont let the small things get to you but some days its much easier said than done. I know escaping is not the answer.. but at least I can daydream.